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About Brazilian Exporters

Brazilian Exporters is a Federal Government initiative to promote Brazilian companies on the Internet and its products and services in international markets.  

Currently there are 27 000 exporters of goods and about 9 000 exporters of services joining the Brazilian Exporters, which database is updated monthly through automatic inclusion of new exporters operating either in the Integrated Foreign Trade System (Siscomex) or Integrated System of Foreign Trade Services (Siscoserv). The operations of member companies have also a monthly update of its new products and markets. In order to boost the showroom input, “Brazilian Exporters” only maintain the registry of exporting companies from the past two years – previous and current year.

With elegant design and easy to search, the new version also offers the service of "Virtual Showroom" which allows member companies to customize their websites, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, by the insertion of text presentation, business information, images , video and geolocation. Foreign importers interested in doing business can access the Virtual Showroom and send their proposals directly to the participating companies through the form available online.

All services provided by Brazilian Exporters are free, including Spanish and English translation.


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