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Business Type: Exporter

Rua Conde de Lages, 44 - Centro Rio de Janeiro - RJ 20241-080 Brasil, - CENTRO
Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro

Base year export: Janeiro 2016 a June 2017
Range of annual export value: Up to $ 1 million

Phone: +55 (21) 2187-2437

Our Company

Radiomar is a distributor of equipment and integrated solutions (turnkey) for navigation, marine telecommunications, professional fishing, satellite communication and internal communication, also the company has the ISO 9001 certification. We offer complete support, from the advice of the most appropriate equipment, projects, systems integration, installation, commissioning, training and after sales service through free calls or Preventive Maintenance Agreements, as well as GMDSS and VDR Survey.

Main Products

Code HS-6 Product
854449 Electric conductors, for a voltage <= 1.000 V, insulated, not fitted with connectors, n.e.s.
851770 Parts of telephone sets, telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks and of other apparatus for the transmission or reception of voice, images or other data, n.e.s.
852990 Parts suitable for use solely or principally with transmission and reception apparatus for radio-broadcasting or television, television cameras,digital cameras, video camera recorders, radar apparatus, radio navigational aid apparatus or radio remote control apparatus, monitors and projectors, n.e.s. (excl. for aerials and aerial reflectors of all kinds)
847150 Processing units for automatic data-processing machines, whether or not containing in the same housing one or two of the following types of unit: storage units, input units, output units (excl. those of heading 8471.41 or 8471.49 and excl. peripheral units)
854442 Electric conductors for a voltage <= 1.000 V, insulated, fitted with connectors, n.e.s.
847130 Data-processing machines, automatic, portable, weighing <= 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display (excl. peripheral units)
850440 Static converters
852851 Monitors of a kind solely or principally used in an automatic data-processing machine of heading 8471 (excl. with cathode ray tube)

Main Markets

Destination Region
Asia - Southeast
South America
European Union

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