Brazilian Exporters

IMS Power Quality


Business Type: Exporter

Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul

Base year export: Janeiro 2016 a June 2017
Range of annual export value: Up to $ 1 million

Phone: +55 (51) 3382-2300
Fax: +55 (51) 3382-2301

Main Products

Code HS-6 Product
903289 Regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus (excl. hydraulic or pneumatic, manostats, thermostats, and taps, cocks and valves of heading 8481)
903084 Instruments and appliances for measuring or checking electrical quantities, with recording device (excl. appliances specially designed for telecommunications, multimeters, oscilloscopes and oscillographs, and apparatus for measuring or checking semiconductor wafers or devices)
902830 Electricity supply or production meters, incl. calibrating meters therefor
903089 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking electrical quantities, without recording device, n.e.s.
852349 Other discs for reading
851762 Machines for the reception, conversion and transmission or regeneration of voice, images or other data, incl. switching and routing apparatus (excl. telephone sets, telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks)
903033 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking voltage, current, resistance or electrical power, without recording device (excl. multimeters, and oscilloscopes and oscillographs)
847180 Units for automatic data-processing machines (excl. processing units, input or output units and storage units)
420299 Travelling-bags, shopping or tool bags, jewellery boxes, cutlery cases and similar, with outer surface of vulcanised fibre or paperboard cases for binoculars, cameras, musical instruments, guns, holsters and similar containers with outer surface of materials (not leather, plastic sheeting or textile materials) (excl. trunks, briefcases, school satchels and similar handbags articles normally carried in pocket or handbag)

Main Markets

Destination Region
South America
North America

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