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Business Type: Exporter

Catanduva - São Paulo

Base year export: Janeiro 2016 a June 2017
Range of annual export value: Up to $ 1 million

Phone: +55 (17) 3531-7100

Our Company

Mustang Pluron Company is 100% Brazilian, operating since 1969 in chemical market. It has been strongly expanding its operations, including the international stage (MERCOSUR), with the development, production, marketing and technical assistance related to chemicals for cleaning, disinfection, grease, water treatment and process surfaces and hygiene staff in the industrial and professional sectors.

Main Products

Code HS-6 Product
340290 Surface-active preparations, washing preparations, incl. auxiliary washing preparations and cleaning preparations (excl. those put up for retail sale, organic surface-active agents, soap and organic surface-active preparations in the form of bars, cakes, moulded pieces or shapes, and products and preparations for washing the skin in the form of liquid or cream)
380894 Disinfectants
291611 Acrylic acid and its salts
151590 Fixed vegetable fats and oils and their fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified (excl. soya-bean, groundnut, olive, palm, sunflower-seed, safflower, cotton-seed, coconut, palm kernel, babassu, rape, colza and mustard, linseed, maize, castor and sesame oil)
150790 Soya-bean oil and its fractions, whether or not refined (excl. chemically modified and crude)
847989 Machines and mechanical appliances, n.e.s.
382490 Chemical products and preparations of the chemical or allied industries, incl. those consisting of mixtures of natural products, n.e.s.
283210 Sodium sulphites
380991 Finishing agents, dye carriers to accelerate the dyeing or fixing of dyestuffs, and other products and preparations, e.g. dressings and mordants of a kind used in the textile or similar industries, n.e.s. (excl. those with a basis of amylaceous substances)
283510 Phosphinates hypophosphites and phosphonates phosphites
282890 Hypochlorites, chlorites and hypobromites (excl. calcium hypochlorites)
392290 Bidets, lavatory pans, flushing cisterns and similar sanitary ware, of plastics (excl. baths, shower-baths, sinks, washbasins, lavatory seats and covers)

Main Markets

Destination Region
South America

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