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Business Type: Exporter

Diadema - São Paulo

Base year export: Janeiro 2016 a June 2017
Range of annual export value: over $ 1 million to $ 10 million

Phone: +55 (11) 4061-4000
Fax: +55 (11) 4066-7599

Our Company

Proaroma produces base for chewing gum with excellence and quality, the fumaric acid produced by ProAroma is considered one of the best in the market, food grade and approved by the most stringent national and international health organizations; The aroma also one of the specialties of Proaroma since its founding, The ProAroma also develops dehydrated fruit pulp from the juice and pulp of the fruit, 100% natural, dehydrated by drying system in hot air (Spray Drying)

Main Products

Code HS-6 Product
400599 Compounded, unvulcanised rubber in primary forms (excl. solutions and dispersions, those containing carbon black or silica, mixtures of natural rubber, balata, gutta-percha, guayule, chicle or similar types of natural rubber with synthetic rubber or factice, and those in the form of plates, sheets or strip)
330210 Mixtures of odoriferous substances and mixtures, incl. alcoholic solutions, with a basis of one or more of these substances, of a kind used in the food and drink industries other preparations based on odoriferous substances, of a kind used for the manufacture of beverages
291719 Acyclic polycarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, halides, peroxides, peroxyacids and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives (excl. oxalic acid, its salts and esters, adipic acid, its salts and esters, azelaic acid, sebacic acid, their salts and esters, maleic anhydride, and inorganic or organic compounds of mercury)
152110 Vegetable waxes, whether or not refined or coloured (excl. triglycerides)

Main Markets

Destination Region
South America
Asia - Central South
Sub-Saharian Africa

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